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Robert Alaniz - Producer / Writer / Director

Award-winning filmmaker, Robert Alaniz and his company Sole Productions, Inc. have been making full-length feature films in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding suburbs, since 2003. He and his films have been featured on WCIU the “U”, FOX NEWS, ABC Morning News with Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez, WGN Radio with Andrea Darlas and have been featured in several publications including Portfolio Fusion Magazine.

His past films include “Timeserver” (2004), “Barrymore’s Dream” (2005), “Bitterblue” (2006), “THE VISION” (2009) and “D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids)” (2011) which was his first comedy. His film, Barrymore’s Dream, won BEST FEATURE FILM at the Route 66 Film Festival in September 2007. Robert also won “The Illinois Auteur Award” at the 2011 Illinois International Film Festival for “D.I.N.K.s”, which also won BEST COMEDY FILM, again at the Route 66 Film Festival in 2012.

Robert’s most recent film “You Don’t Say!” (2013) is another witty comedy in the tradition of D.I.N.K.s that delivers a subtle, but important message. “It’s not what you say, but what you don’t say that can hurt people the most.” The film features a brilliantly talented cast which includes actor, Larry Thomas (best known for his role as the “Soup Nazi” on TV’s “Seinfeld”). The music score is by previous music collaborator, Tyrone Lancaster, who scored Robert’s first two films and features an outstanding title song written and sung by Grammy Nominee, Alan O’Day (“Undercover Angel”).

In November, 2013, “You Don’t Say!” won BEST COMEDY and the AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD, again at the Route 66 Film Festival. This has brought Robert’s total awards at this film festival to four, including winning BEST COMEDY two years in a row. “Robert has a knack for finding a social issue which we all know exists but we remain silent about. When someone points it out to us in film form it IS funny, and a relief, that someone has said what we feel but never say out loud,” says Samb Davis (one of the judges at the Route 66 Film Festival).

Continuing down the path of intellectual and controversial subject matter, Robert latest comedy “Mind Over Mindy” (2014) addresses the issue of regret and how living in the past can sometimes ruin our future. The film’s cast so far again includes Larry Thomas (this time in a much bigger role) and features the very funny, Jim O’Heir (who plays “Jerry” on NBC’s Parks And Recreation). It will be Robert’s seventh film.

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