NEWS  (3-26-19)

"Heavens to Betsy 2"
is an official selection at the 2009 International Christian Film and Music Festival in Orlando, Florida. Robert Alaniz's screenplay has been nominated for "Best Screenplay" and actor, Jim O'Heir has been nominated as "Best Supporting Actor" for his role as Pastor John. The film festival is taking place on May 1-4 at the Wynham Orlando Resort. "Heavens to Betsy 2" will be screening there with a Q&A with writer/director Robert Alaniz afterwards. Tickets available at   

NEWS  (3-25-19)

"Heavens to Betsy"
and "Heavens to Betsy 2" are now streaming on AMAZON PRIME!! They 
are also available on DVD and digital download purchase at,,, and others. "Heavens to Betsy" is still available to watch on subscribers of PURE FLIX.

NEWS  (11-14-17)

"Heavens to Betsy" 
is now available on DVD at,,,,,,,, and others. It is now streaming exclusively on PURE FLIX (the family faith-based movie on demand service). The DVD includes 2 versions of the film: the standard release (streaming on Pure Flix) and the "Director's Cut", which includes an additional 12 minutes and alternate ending.

NEWS  (9-12-17)

"Heavens to Betsy" will be released on DVD on October 10, 2017. It is now available for pre-order at,,,,,,,, and will be streaming exclusively on PURE FLIX (the family faith-based movie on demand service) beginning in October. The DVD will include 2 versions of the film: the standard release and the "Director's Cut", which includes an additional 12 minutes and alternate ending. Order your copy today!

NEWS:  (11-03-16)

"Mind Over Mindy" wins "Best Windy City Feature" Award AND actor, Larry Thomas wins Best Supporting Actor for his role of "Dr. Fischer" at the 2016 Chicago BLOW-UP Arthouse Film Festival. This brings the total awards won to THREE.

NEWS:  (8-04-16)

"Mind Over Mindy" wins the "Best of the Fest" award at the Illinois International Film Festival 2016. It took a while to get the notification, but worth the wait indeed. Congrats to the cast and crew.

NEWS:  (6-24-16)

AUDITIONS UPDATE - Auditions for key roles in Sole Productions' next film "HEAVENS TO BETSY" starring Jim O'Heir will be taking place on SUNDAY, July 10th. The date for closed auditions is SUNDAY, JULY 24th with call-backs to be held on JULY 31st. All auditons will be held in Tinley Park, IL. Chosen actors will be notified by email.

NEWS:  (6-09-16)

Auditions for key roles in Sole Productions' next film "HEAVENS TO BETSY" will be held in July. Times and location to be announced. Actor, Jim O'Heir (Parks and Recreation) has been cast in one of the leading roles as Pastor John.

NEWS:  (4-30-16)

SOLE Productions' latest film "Heavens To Betsy" will begin pre-production in June, with auditions in July and filming to begin in September. The faith-based comedy will be produced by Robert Alaniz and Jeff Marsten. Executive Producer, Billy Wagoner is on board with others to be announced soon. At this time, our production crew/staff consists of Production Sound Engineer - Joe Bader, "On Set" Sound Recordist - Dan Rial, Casting - Kristen Anchor and Still Photograher, Rob Benetti. The producers are in the process of meeting with and confirming other key production positions. No actors have been confirmed at this time. More info to come.

NEWS: (3-26-16)

"MIND OVER MINDY" is an Official Selection of THE ILLINOIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL taking place at the Fox Valley Park District Theatre in Aurora, IL. Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15 @ 9:00 am - 9:00 pm. TICKETS ON SALE BEGINNING APRIL 6 online at After purchasing a daily ticket, audience members can come and go all day. Refreshments will be available for purchase. TICKETS: $13 each day. "Mind Over Mindy" will be screening SUNDAY NIGHT, May 15 at 7 pm and will be competing in the BEST COMEDY catagory. Various cast & crew members will be in attendance.

NEWS: (3-13-16)

Writer/Director Robert Alaniz has completed the first draft of his next script "Heavens To Betsy". The comedy/drama bares comparison to other popular spiritual comedies, particularly the Warren Beatty/Buck Henry, Oscar nominated film "Heaven Can Wait" from 1978. The storyline is about a woman, Betsy Simon, who suddenly recieves all the things she ever prayed for - ALL AT ONCE - and has to deal with how those things have now changed her life. SOLE Productions will be activily seeking funding for this faith-based film to go into production in the near future.

NEWS: (12-13-15)

"Angels In Our Midst" is now available at all Family Christian Bookstores. Distributed by Bridgestone Multimedia Group, the film is also available at BMG's web site at: SOLE Productions originally produced the film under the title of "Bitterblue" in 2007.

Writer/Director Robert Alaniz has begun work on his next script with the working title; "Heavens To Betsy". It will be a comedy/drama similar to "Bruce Almighty" or "Heaven Can Wait". This will be Robert's second faith-based family film script.

NEWS: (06-30-15)

Bridgestone Multimedia Group will be officially releasing "Angels In Our Midst" (final title) on July 21st. It is currently available for pre-order on BMG's web site at:  A bigger mainstream promotion and nationwide release date will follow in September, 2015.

NEWS: (04-05-15)

Producer, Robert Alaniz has signed a distribution deal for his 2007 family film "Bitterblue" with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The title of the film will be changed to "Angels Among Us" for marketing reasons with a proposed nationwide release date in September, 2015. This is Sole Productions' first official distribution deal.

NEWS (01-02-15) 

Writer/Director, Robert Alaniz will be a GUEST on the Flyover Zone - WQNA 88.3 FM in Springfield, IL with host Hugh Moore and co-hosts Sam Davis & Lana Wildman on SATURDAY, JANUARY 17th. Alaniz will be talking about his latest film "Mind Over Mindy" beginning at 11 am. Mark your calendar and listen in via their web site at:

NEWS  (9-26-14)  

SOLE PRODUCTIONS' award-winning comedy You Don't Say! is NOW AVAILABLE on DVD! Click on BUY NOW at the You Don't Say! link here on the main page to order your copy via PayPal. The cast includes Julia Chereson, Gary Gow, Rob Frankel, Dani Wilkin, Brandon Galatz, Dave Branigan and Laura Ann Parry with special guest star Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi from TV's Seinfeld). The film also features the song "You Don't Say" by the late/great singer songwriter Alan O'Day ("Undercover Angel", "Angie Baby", "Rock 'n' Roll Heaven"). Be sure to check out the official You Don't Say! web site via the Sole Productions' main page for the theatrical trailer, photos, interviews and much more.

NEWS  (8-22-14)  

SOLE PRODUCTIONS has wrapped principal photography on Writer/Director, Robert Alaniz's new comedy Mind Over Mindy. The film stars Chicago actor, Steve Parks in the leading role as "Thomas Albert" and newcomer Catherine McCafferty in the title role as "Mindy", Tom's dream come true. The film also stars Chicago actress Ann Hagemann as Tom's fiancee "Tina".  Actor, Larry Thomas (the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld) also stars as Dr. Ivan Fischer, a therapist who may need some therapy of his own, and features Jim O'Heir ("Jerry" from NBC's Award Winning sitcom Parks and Recreation) as Mr. Richard Wiener, the General Manager of the car dealership where Tom works. The cast includes: Brandon Galatz, Jonna Johnson, Laura Ann Parry, Shannon Brown, Rebecca O'Connell, Christopher Selefski, Lana Smithner, Robert Fox, Idona J. Griffith, Deborah Weiner, Jax Turyna, Hayley Camire and others. 

The film was shot over a 23 day period beginning on July 12th and wrapping on August 6th. The camera used was the MX RED One. Post production will begin in September with a projected premiere date aimed at the month of April, 2015. Several recording artists will be submitting songs with an 80s feel to Producer, Robert Alaniz for consideration to be included as part of film's soundtrack.

SOLE PRODUCTIONS' latest award-winning comedy You Don't Say! will be making it's debut on DVD in September. The film's cast includes Julia Chereson, Gary Gow, Rob Frankel, Dani Wilkin, Brandon Galatz, Dave Branigan, and Laura Ann Parry with special guest star, Larry Thomas. The film also features the song "You Don't Say" by the late & great singer songwriter, Alan O'Day. The DVD will be available for purchase HERE on the SOLE PRODUCTIONS, INC. web site. Watch for it!


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